1. I <3 Mountains 

  2. Been Neglecting doing blog stuff, really need to get back into posting lots of sketches and art to help inspire myself to do more!

  3. Sweet drawing I did of the awesome ICE QUEEN! 

  4. fanartica:

    I’m thrilled to display our first submission, by the incredibly-talented Luigi Guatieri! In his words, “I felt as a New Zealander I had to submit something.” We’re glad you did, sir. We’re glad you did.

    Check him out here: www.superluigiland.net

  5. ‎”Certainly Finn, for a small price, which we can discuss later. Take my hands, gentlemen. Stare into where the two walls meet. Now slowly, cross your eyes. Do it, fools! The portal opens. Say ‘hi’ to Death for me if you see him, he lives in a castle made of light.”

  6. The Earl of Lemongrab in all of his lemoness

  7. One happy brother, one pissed

  8. Sweeet Marceline poster I did, should add text or something

  9. Awesome doodle I did this morning

  10. Only the best barbarians grow old

  11. Just a weekend doodle.

  12. Let me tell you about the universe